Saturday, February 22, 2014

Will You Be There?

I'm looking forward to QuiltCon 2015!

Will I see you there?


  1. Not sure yet - but if I am, we definitely have to meet!

  2. I'll be there! I live an hour away! I'm so excited!!

  3. Hotel room booked...waitiing for flight options to start posting....can't wait!

  4. I am definitely wanting to go….really I should be going to book a hotel already??

    1. Yes you should Michelle. Rooms are already selling out!

  5. I'm there! I'm sure blogland will be full of QC from now until it starts! It's going to be an even bigger deal than last time I think!

  6. I wish! One day I will go - it may be a few years but I will get there eventually! Have a wonderful time x

  7. That is the plan! Room booked, but I will wait on the flight until we are much closer!

  8. You might! I went to the last one. We're blessed to live within easy driving distance. :-)

    To those who are thinking of booking in advance - it's not only the QC that is filling the hotels in the area at that time, I'm guessing. That also seems to be the time frame for the annual RV show in Austin and it's BIG. They were setting up for it last year during QuiltCon and it was just last weekend this year. So, probably there is an overlap. Book ahead for sure!

  9. Yep!. I think there are a few New Zealand gals coming over this year! My room is booked!


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